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Data Integration

Combine data from different systems, with different properties and structures, quick access to information and a single source of truth.

Data integration is an important requirement for high-quality decision making, and once done your Business Intelligence can provide reliable understanding of the company’s performance. 

Effective business management today requires using all the information a company has about its customers, orders, products, storage, marketing costs … and adding this to third party information. Data Integration is an essential prerequisite for quality decision making, without which no Business Intelligence could provide credible insight into the functioning of the company. 

Effective business management today requires using all the data a company has about its customers, orders, products, warehouses, marketing costs… and supplementing this with third-party information. 


We help companies at all stages of the data integration process

  • Identification of existing data sources and structure 
  • Securing external data sources (weather, competitors, marketing sources, public open-source sources…) 
  • Selection of the optimal technical solution, provisioning the necessary infrastructure 
  • Data Mart – data warehouse design 
  • Data integration & creation of ETL processes (extraction, transformation & retrieval) 
  • Orchestration – automated configuration, coordination and management 
  • Data error resolution, data cleansing 
  • Analytical solution design 

Data Visualization

Advanced data visualisation of your and relevant market data that makes it easy for managers at all levels to make the right business decisions.

Business Intelligence combines business analytics, data mining, data tools and infrastructure, data visualization along with experience to help an organization make quality decisions based on accurate data. 

In short, you can be sure that you have modern Business Intelligence when everyone who decides in your company has a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of all the facts that can affect the outcome of their decision – to eliminate any inefficiencies and quickly adapt to changes in the market or supply chain. 

Your data in the palm of your hand

For our clients, we use the most advanced technologies of today, from Tableau, QlikView, PowerBI or customised solutions in D3 JSHighCharts for data visualization, AWS, Microsoft Azure, cloud infrastructure for DevOps and orchestration of all data sources and systems, to Snowflake, which offers not only unparalleled speed of processing data stored on it, but also perfect management and security. 
We’ll connect data from all your systems, whether it’s warehousing, accounting, e-commerce or product catalogue, enrich it with third-party data (marketing services, weather, geolocation…), perform advanced AI analysis using machine learning, and prepare visualizations, reports and dashboards that allow you to make informed decisions. 

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